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        Gordon Buchanan

Gordon John Buchanan MBE (born 10 April 1972) is a Scottish wildlife filmmaker and presenter. His work includes the nature documentaries Tribes, Predators & MeThe Polar Bear Family & Me and Life in the Snow


Buchanan was born in Alexandria, West DunbartonshireScotland, on 10 April 1972 and brought up on the Isle of Mull.  As a child, Buchanan was a fan of David Attenborough's television programmes and Survival, a nature programme.


Buchanan's career in wildlife photography has yielded a number of documentaries, shot variously in Asia (especially the Indian Subcontinent), Latin America, Europe and Africa. His career began when survival cameraman Nick Gordon, whose wife owned the restaurant Buchanan was working in, invited Buchanan to become his camera assistant for a project he was completing in Sierra Leone. Buchanan was there for almost a year before the project had to be abandoned due to the danger presented by the civil unrest in the country. Buchanan left school to join Nick Gordon on this trip and continued to work with him on his next projects in Venezuela and Brazil.

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