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Dumbarton Castle Society


                                                       THE ROCK OF AGES   


The planned Rock of Ages event in June 2020 has been postponed until further notice due to the Coronavirus epidemic emergency situation.


In June 2018, Dumbarton Castle hosted an event which captured and epitomised 2000 years of Scottish history.

Visitors met the soldiers from the First World War and saw enacted battle scenes in ‘no man’s land’ to find out what life was like on the front line. There was also an aerial display by a replica British fighter SE5 aircraft used in the First World War.

There was also representation from the armed forces and services from World War II with various battle scene enactments taking place during the day.

The suffragettes had a strong presence at the event, celebrating 100 years since British women first got the vote.

There were history camps where visitors met historic characters, including Mary Queen of Scots, Robert the Bruce, William Wallace, Napoleonic soldiers., the Vikings and Roman soldiers.

The following link ,  https://youtu.be/6sk8R07WfYI  ,  is an excellent video of the 2018 event which was captured by

Mr Ronnie Paton, local amateur photographer and videographer,  

In 2019, the Vikings played a starring role, celebrating Norse heritage in Scotland, and revealing how their influence continues today. Hearing about the different stages of Viking activity, from raiding to conquest, and settlement to integration. You may have come away asking yourself, ‘are we all Vikings?’

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